Introducing FEMA:
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Maritime Agent covering
all Russian Pacific ports

We helps you with complex marine routines in
ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka and Vostochniy

Fast And Responsive
Live And Online Services
Working With Any Cargo
In Russian Far-East
Provide Full Reports
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Evolving Our Powers
In Russia Far-Eastern Ports

Best EPDA and Port Conditions

Advising on best EPDA and current conditions in port such as terminals and berths particulars, limited draft, working hours, loading rates and etc.

Completing Required Paperwork

Completing required paperwork such as the electronic notice of arrival and departure, shipping manifest, stowage plan, and bill of lading.

Expedited Into And Out Of The Port

Coordinating services with vendors such as tugboats, pilots, line handlers, stevedores and others to get the ships into and out of the port.

Compliance With All Parties

Working with Customs, Immigration and the Port Authorities to ensure compliance with all parties.

In addition, our staff ensures that the needs of the captain and crew are met, and can coordinate repairs and update security-required gate lists to ensure that all parties have access to the port and assigned terminal.

Government Officials Arranging

Contacting and Coordinating with government officials to check the ship, crew and cargo for foreign arrivals.

Timely and Detailed Reports

FEMA provides highly accurate time-specific and current situation in the sea ports reports and forecasts with timely and detailed weather information.

Fast Booking & Crew repatriation

Аrranging crew repatriation, booking of hotels and air tickets with special sea tariffs for crew members.

Ship supply and Certificates

Provide fresh water supply, ship chandler, supply of spare parts, navigation charts and medicines, Asian Gypsy Moth certificate and Sanitation Control Certificate.

Servicing Ships & Cargoes
Safely and Soundly

FEMA Shipping maritime agent in VVO

— in Port of VLADIVOSTOK / VVO

Main commercial port in Russian Far-East with over 120 yrs history. Located at the Golden Horn Bay. In port there are over 16 sea terminals ready to handling of your good lady's 20/7.

Lat.: 43.07N, Long.: 131.53E

FEMA Shipping maritime agent in NJK

— in Port of NAKHODKA / NJK

Second commercial sea port in Russian Far-East region. Port is located in north west part of Japan Sea in Nakhodka bay. There are 33 berths with possibility of handling of general, bulk, oil and fish cargos.
Lat.: 42.47N, Long.: 132.52E

FEMA Shipping maritime agent in VYP

— in Port of VOSTOCHNIY / VYP

Newest and deepwater sea port in Russian Primorye region. Port services established in 1973. Accepts vessels up to LOA 300 meters and draft up to 17 meters. There are 22 berths with possibility of handling of container, general, bulk and oil cargoes.
Lat.: 42.44N, Long.: 133.04E

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Maritime Agent

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Maritime Agent

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Financial Manager

Dmitry N. Strezhnev, CEO, Far East Maritime Agency

— One Agency. Any Cargo. Every Port in Russia
Welcome! We are FEMA, Far East Maritime Agency, a part of global maritime experts community, working in Russia.
We providing the comprehensive assistance in handling your vessel and cargo in Russian ports faster with smallest costs at all. Together we achieve the main goal in your operations - when any expected and unexpected accomplishments are settled and solved. Our team pay special attention and control of all changes in Russian law for safety of your good ladies in Russian ports. So, we appreciate you as our customer. Welcome onboard!


Far East Maritime Agency CEO
Vladivostok, RUSSIA

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Far East Maritime Agency Vladivostok

Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Office 298, #26 Zhigura str.,
+7 423 220 1336
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About the Agency

We are FEMA, commercial shipping marine agent covering all Russian Pacific ports. We helps you with complex marine routines in ports of Vladivostok (VVO), Nakhodka (NJK) and Vostochniy (VYP).

Our main HQ working Pacific Time office hours. On-duty staff provide 24/7 services and any up to-date detailed reports on demand.

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